About Us

Keisha Edwards of Orlando, Florida founded Me Plaire Boutique in July of 2013.  Inspired and motivated to deliver high-quality fashion to young women everywhere, Keisha began her journey into the world of fashion. The name Me Plaire is French for “appeal to me”. We hope that all aspects of Me Plaire Boutique appeal to our customers.  We value customer service. Providing our customers with top notch service is one of our key priorities!

Me Plaire Bouique strives to appeal to the needs of all young women from around the globe.  We value and appreciate diversity. Regardless of our backgrounds, fashion and couture bring us together and becomes a melting pot of individual expression! Please join us on this journey to appeal to every trendy, artistic young lady!

Background on Owner, Keisha Edwards

Opening a boutique was always a goal of Keisha Edwards. Her dream finally became reality in July of 2013. Shopping in various boutiques around the world was always something she enjoyed! Her passion has now come to life through Me Plaire Boutique!